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Slide Pack

Plugged mount type blister pack: Rail mount is processed by folding in two, three or four directions. It is a standard package for hanging, sale display of various products including cosmetics and daily necessities. Its form and design can differentiate a product from those of competitors.


Blister Pack

Crimped mount type blister pack: After inserting the product, the mount is Thermo-compressed. The whole assembly runs within the plant except the supply of the blister cover. Valuable products are protected from theft and tampering.



Shell Pack

W Pack or Clam Shell package case: This independent triangular shell pack is our specialty, achieved with our rich experience.



POP Parts, Household Objects

POP parts and household objects, both for show and behind-the-scenes. They bring simplification, cut costs, last long and protect from weather.


Parts Tray

Conductive, antistatic, weather-, oil- and chemical-resistant fine, minimalist trays for storage and transportation of electronic, metal and plastic parts, etc. improve efficiency of assembly work.



Longitudinal Parts Tray

We are proud of this tray which serves customers who need to set parts longitudinally, demonstrating our ability to making forms that fit needs.


Inbox Tray

This partition for packaging foods, cosmetics or gifts fits within a box to prevent different products coming into contact, to protect their form, provide stationary display or verify their quantity.